2010 Camaro tests GM Accessories

The 2010 Camaro isn’t even within a year of release, and already the GM Accessories Design Studio engineers and designers are working on appearance changes that will be made available for consumers to make their Camaro stand out even more than the rest of ‘em. This shows possible Stripe packages for the RS (Rally Sport) and SS (Super Sport) versions of the 2010 Camaro as well.

  • 7-spoke wheels
  • RS stripe package (left side of the car)
  • SS stripe package (right side of the car)
  • Grille insert
  • Rear fascia blackout
  • Platform-style rear wing
  • 2 possible ground effects kits (see close-up of the rear — at that point, the clay modeling is “halved”)
  • Ducktail spoiler (again, see detail shot — it’s on the right half of the car)
  • Slotted brake discs w/ red calipers

It’s hard to tell exactly what these will look like, and they’re also still tweaking the designs of the accessories as well. This car isn’t a full car (as you can see the grill and headlights) are just mock ups that are printed on a flat surface.

Whether you like or dislike these design elements, it seems like GM is listening and giving people different options for their cars!

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