2012 Camaro Gets An Interior Upgrade

Whether you’re talking about the exterior or the interior, the 2010 Camaro’s design has been a polarizing figure. More-so in the interior department where it went surprisingly retro, and much of the telemetry was hard to find and read while on the go. Its been announced that the 2012 Camaro will be getting an update to the interior to keep up with the Mustang and its interior praise. The one complaint that may go unchanged is the lack of visibility in both the a-pillars, as well as just the small size of the windshield and windows because of the cars design. That’ll have to wait until the next exterior design pops up as it’d be too much work to redo the entire exterior design to allow for more window.

Lets hope while they’re doing this, they also update the Engine, and lighten her up a bit too, *hint hint*.

[Souce: Autoblog]

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