6th Generation Camaro to the Alpha Platform?

MotorTrend recently broke a rumor that the 6th Generation Camaro (debuting ~2014-2016) will be on General Motors Alpha platform. While this is a rumor and there has been no official word from GM on the matter, this seems like it’d be a good move for GM. The Alpha will also hold the CTS line. This news however has a few twists that are a bit more controversial than just a move from the Zeta to Alpha. In the MotorTrend article, they also stated that the Camaro would likely be lighter (that is a good thing), however that the Camaro SS could potentially house a DI 3.6L V6. Many Camaro-faithful are up in arms about this and somewhat rightfully so. The Camaro SS has always been about a small block V8.

Grant Thornton director James Ricci outlined GM’s rear-wheel-drive model plans in a presentation to the Automotive Press Association Thursday afternoon, on the subject of major automakers’ move to more common, global platforms. Some concerns about the price of the platform, have made it hard to say for sure that the Camaro will be on the Alpha, but if GM can cut down costs of the platform by using other materials, or cut costs in other areas, they could potentially keep the Camaro at a competitive price with the other Pony Cars.

There are obviously many opinions about the 3.6L V6 Camaro SS. What are the positives?

  • Lighter, More Nimble
  • Fuel Economy
  • Cost? (With the regulations and added taxes, this may be a big reason why GM is toying with a V6 SS)

The Negatives are obviously that the 3.6L is going against the camaro’s heritage. Also, if GM doesn’t give a Camaro SS that can compete with the 5.0 Coyote Mustang, you might as well kiss the Camaro name goodbye again.

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