Big Three Upgrade

What Are The Big Three, and How Do I Upgrade Them?

Well your Big Three are the Positive Alternator Cable,(the one that bolts to the rear of the alt.) the Ground on the Block, and the Ground on the pass side Fender. Now from the factory these wires are at the most a 4 gauge. If you have a system and its drawing current from your electrical system(making your lights dim) then this will help stop that. If you run a high output alternator then you will need to upgrade your Big Three.

Things you will need for this upgrade

  • 10ft 0(zero) Gauge Wire Of Your Choice
  • 6 0 Gauge Ring Terminals
  • Zip Ties
  • 2 Side Post Battery Extenders

Doing The Upgrade

First disconnect the Negative Battery Cable followed by the Positive Battery Cable.

Now take your 10 ft 0 Gauge Wire and test fit it to your stock Big Three cables to find the length you will need, after finding the length cut the 0 Gauge Wire.

Next you want to put those Ring Connectors, and connect them to each end of your new Wire.

Now you just cut off the factory Big Three, and connect your new Big Three and your done. I did this but I just made whole new battery cables, so the pics below are a little different, but you get the point.


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