Camaro may be jumping on turbo bandwagon in near future


The all-new sixth-generation and completely revamped Chevrolet Camaro will be unveiled in 2016 sometime moving from GM’s current Zeta platform to the brandl new Alpha platform. The new Camaro body will likely be way lighter, smaller and more aerodynamic. According to the source, driving it will be even more of a blast.

However, much like the future of the Mustang and the turbocharged EcoBoost Ford is pushing, the Camaro may be going jumping on that turbo bandwagon. Under the hood of the new Camaro could sport a 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder. Don’t get your panties in a wad just yet, since this small four banger may be packin’ quite a punch. And besides that, the option for your traditional V8 or V6 should be there with all of your performance needs and likely pushing 300+ hp. No information has been released just yet on the bigger engines but stay tuned.

We are highly anticipating what the new Camaro will bring and what it will look like. Change is inevitable and many people fear it. No matter the design, there will be the people who love it and those who hate it. Bring it GM!

Source: [TopSpeed]

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