Camaro Z28 is still alive?

Jalopnik has stated that the Camaro Z28 isn’t quite as dead as many have thought after the big unveiling of the 2012 Camaro ZL1. It looks as if GM is still listening to what people may want from a revived Z28. Many people wanted the Z28 to be what the ZL1 is, but if we take a look at what the Z28 originally was, it might make more sense to go with the thought of a lighter, more nimble version of the SS, rather than the powerful Supercharged 6.2 that is in the ZL1.

The Z28 was originally built as a way for Chevy to gain acceptance into the Trans Am series. A smaller V8, stiffer suspension and a diet made the Z28 one of the most successful Trans Am cars on the track. With the revived 5th Generation Camaro, it might make sense to put the Z28 in the spot it started at… a weekend corner carver for someone who still likes the grunt of a V8. In addition to appealing to a race-inspired audience, this potential route could also help to keep Camaro in the racing scene. There have been some Camaro entries in the Grand Am Series, but having a better base platform could aid in some independent owners (or even Official GM Teams) to enter into Grand Am or other series.

In reality, who knows what GM will come up with for their blueprint of the new Z28, but looking at the market and history just shoehorning in more horsepower might not be the best route to take.

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