How to Polish Hood/Hatch Struts

A quick way to make your Hood and Rear Hatch Struts look like new. Things you need: Sand Paper: grit 320-400-800-1000 and 1500 Wire Wheel (optional for the 320) Assistant/Extra set of hands (Not necessary but definitely helpful when lifting heavy hatch/hood) Clear Coat spray paint or a can of Fluid Film Expect Approx. 1 […]

Replace Lights behind your HVAC controls

This is my write up on how to replace the lights behind your HVAC controls. Start with removing the trim around the controls. It is secured by pushpins so with a little tug you should be able to pop all four out. Be careful not to bend the trim too much so it doesn’t crack.

Installing LEDs in Dash of a Camaro

Heres a guide to install LED Lights in your dash. Before that is explained, we’ll take you through getting the dash off to get at the lights. We all know that at times it can be frustrating to try to figure out how to disassemble a dash. Heres a quick and easy guide for it […]

Fix Cracked Dash in 4th Gen

How to Fix your Cracked Dashpad to look brand new. Many 4th Generation Camaros and Firebirds have a problem with their dash’s cracking over the years. Heres a way to fix it and make it look new, without buying a whole new piece. What You’ll Need: Vinyl 2 yds your choice of color Spray Adhesive […]