Replace Struts on your Hatch

Heres a quick how-to on replacing your struts on your rear hatch if they’re failing, not staying up or you just want new ones.┬áIncase anyone else ever has to do this here’s how it went. Very easy, just takes a little bit of time. Should be able to remove and replace both struts inside of […]

Camaro and Firebird 3.8L Nitrous Guide

FAQ Q: What supporting mods do I need? A: For any amount of nitrous you will need aftermarket intake and cat-back exhuast because the car must be able to breathe. Ever try sprinting 100 yards while only breathing thru a straw? Its hard on your body just like nitrous is on a car that cant […]

Camaro VIN Decoder

First, a basic overview of what a VIN is, and what you’re looking at. A VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is a group of letters and numbers that create a specific VIN for each car. This is used to determine everything from what Make, Model, Body type, and even more. Below is a great picture to […]