GM could use the Camaro for the 2013 NASCAR Season

GM Manager of Racing Mark Kent has said that the 2013 NASCAR entry from Chevrolet will be a change. While he hasn’t said which car it will or wont be, its easy to see what the fans want, and what would make sense when looking at the competition.

Currently Ford & Dodge are using the Mustang and Challenger in the Nationwide Series, and Ford has already announced that the Mustang will replace the Fusion for the 2013 season. Many were disappointed that GM didn’t enter the Camaro into the Nationwide Series when the Mustang and Challenger were added. Kent reminded ESPN why they stayed with the Impala in Nationwide. “We just couldn’t get the Camaro to fit into the [Nationwide] templates and retain as much of the iconic styling as we wanted”. “They are very attractive from the front, but once you get away from the front, it just becomes another car. We wanted to avoid that with the Camaro.”

As NASCAR moves forward, it has slowly hinted at going to a bit more stock-like design, and the manufacturers are all getting better at keeping their cars distinct lines noticable within the NASCAR guidelines & race performance. Does that mean there will be a Camaro in NASCAR in 2013? We’re guessing it’s not likely, but you never know. If GM can engineer a car that fits within their guidelines to be recognized as a Camaro then it may be possible, but when looking at the current Camaro design you see very angular and aggressive body lines. That usually won’t get you good results in a series like NASCAR.

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