How to Polish Hood/Hatch Struts

A quick way to make your Hood and Rear Hatch Struts look like new.

Things you need:

  • Sand Paper: grit 320-400-800-1000 and 1500
  • Wire Wheel (optional for the 320)
  • Assistant/Extra set of hands (Not necessary but definitely helpful when lifting heavy hatch/hood)
  • Clear Coat spray paint or
  • a can of Fluid Film

Expect Approx. 1 hour per strut


  1. Remove the strut: On the ball & socket joint that attaches to the actual hood/hatch you’ll see a small slit in the socket where you’ll insert a flat-head screwdriver in place to pop the socket off the ball. Remove the old strut now and have your assistant slowly lower the hood/hatch.
  2. Clean the black paint off with 320 grit sand paper or a wire wheel.
  3. Then sand the bare metal with 400 grit…then 800…then 1000…then 1500… wet sanding worked the best once you’re to the 800.
  4. After that polish with a quality metal polish of your choice (if you have a bench grinder use it with a polishing wheel) or dremel tool.
  5. Reinstall is reverse of removal.
  6. Consider finishing off with a coat or two of clear coat, or Fluid Film to avoid any rusting/oxidation to the now exposed metal.

Now stand back and enjoy your new polished struts!

IMG_8253 IMG_8254

IMG_8256 IMG_8255

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