Want a Camaro to Race in a Grand Touring Series? You’re in Luck.


Sereni United has given anyone interested in joining a FIA sanctioned GT class racing series and enjoys the 5th Generation Camaro an excuse to race. There are still many details being ironed out, but this looks like a very solid platform, and based on testing it seems to be quite competitive. “The Camaro is fast and the lap times are similar to the Lamborghini Gallardo. We had hoped for this result but there is still a lot of work to do” said Franz Russegger, Lead Developer for Serani.  Read More

Aftermarket Headlight Options

Since we all know that stock f-body lights aren’t the greatest, the majority of us turn to aftermarket lights to help us at night.
The goal of aftermarket lighting is to achieve more visibility, and up close to a wall should resemble this:

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How To: Clean Hood Inserts on 93-97 Firebirds

So as any Firebird owner knows, the little hood things on the LT1 style Firebirds collect dirt that does not come out until you wash your car or put the hood up after a rain storm. And then it comes out all over your hood. You’ll see what I mean at the last picture if you don’t already.

The hood is my wrecked one, but it works on a good one just as well
Time: 10 minutes + cleaning time (could be a long time)
Tools: 16mm socket, 7mm socket, drill with 1/4″ bit. Vomit receptacle (just in case)
Ease: Kindergardner could do it if he could reach.
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How To: Wrapping Door Panel Inserts (Camaro)

So we all have looked at cloth interior when its aged. not pretty. so i decided to wrap mine in black vinyl to fresh up the interior.

Step 1:
Pull off the panel and look behind it, cut the top half of the insulation off to reveal the plastic rivets. (your choice to put it back on when your done)

Step 2:
Pop the plastic rivets off the panel. there are several ways of re-attaching them so dont worry.

this picture shows the rivets when the insulation is pulled off.
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4th Gen Wire Hide Mod/TCS Relocation with Bracket

Well last weekend I started and finished the Wire Hide Mod and TCS Relocation and seeing as how I didn’t like the thought of the TCS module just being zip tied like other sites suggest, I modified the original bracket to hold the TCS behind the PCM.

Tools Needed:

  • jack stand
  • floorjack
  • lugnut wrench long nose pliers
  • 1/4 ratchet drive with extensions and 10mm and 14mm(I think) sockets.
  • electrical tape (WIRE HIDE and TCS MOD)
  • wire strippers (TCS MOD)
  • soldering gun with acc. (TCS MOD)
  • shrink wrap (TCS MOD)
  • hole saw for metal (I used 1 3/4″)
  • Metal L bracket with holes (TCS MOD)
  • 1 3/4 rubber grommet (WIRE HIDE)
  • 5′ wire for extending TCS wiring (TCS MOD)

First thing you’re going to do is pop the hood and admire the mess of wires on your passenger side strut tower. Some don’t mind it, I hated it.  I like having a more clean look.  This mod does increase the chance of your wiring becoming wet since it basically just lays on top of the wheel well shroud but I have mine taped very tight so I’m not worried.  Plus this car will rarely ever see rain.  Read More

2012 ZL1 Dynos at 580HP – SAE Certified

Not long ago we brought you a quick rumor flying around that the ZL1 would have over 570 Horsepower. Well, that rumor has come to fruition. The official word on the 2010 Camaro ZL1 is 580 horsepower , and the torque rating isn’t far behind pushing 556 lb-ft at 4200 rpm.  Read More

Camaro Fans Invade Oshawa Plant in Canada

This weekend hundreds of Camaro & Firebird Owners have begun arriving at the Oshawa Assembly Plant. According to GM Spokesman Tony LaRocca, GM’s Oshawa plant has produced over 3.6 million camaros (from 1966 until today).

This weekend, there is a large gathering of fans going to the plant, with thousands of people going through the Plant Tour, showing where and how the current zeta body Camaro is produced & assembled.  Read More