2010 Camaro Press Release

Chevrolet Unveils The 2010 Camaro – A Fun, Efficient Sports Car For The 21st Century All-new, world-class sports car Fuel-efficient, 3.6L direct-injected V-6 delivers an estimated 26 mpg on the highway Range of fuel-saving, six-speed transmissions standard on all models and powertrains Powerful SS models equipped with LS3 V-8 (manual transmission) and L99 with Active […]

Camaro Testing on the Nurburgring

For quite some time now, the Camaro has been spotted driving along in many different cities in the U.S. as well as Australia. However recently the Camaro has been spotted entering the Nurburgring. For those not familiar, the Nurburgring is a very large racetrack in Nurburg, Germany. G.M. and many other automotive companies have been […]

Velocity Yellow Camaro

Looks like we’re finally beginning to see a few different options for colors in the 2010 Camaro’s testing. This looks to be the Velocity Yellow, which can also be seen on the new Corvettes. These photos are a bit hazy, but the true Velocity yellow is much more exciting. As a reminder, while most of […]

Camaro and Firebird 3.8L Nitrous Guide

FAQ Q: What supporting mods do I need? A: For any amount of nitrous you will need aftermarket intake and cat-back exhuast because the car must be able to breathe. Ever try sprinting 100 yards while only breathing thru a straw? Its hard on your body just like nitrous is on a car that cant […]

2010 Camaro tests GM Accessories

The 2010 Camaro isn’t even within a year of release, and already the GM Accessories Design Studio engineers and designers are working on appearance changes that will be made available for consumers to make their Camaro stand out even more than the rest of ‘em. This shows possible Stripe packages for the RS (Rally Sport) […]

Camaro VIN Decoder

First, a basic overview of what a VIN is, and what you’re looking at. A VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is a group of letters and numbers that create a specific VIN for each car. This is used to determine everything from what Make, Model, Body type, and even more. Below is a great picture to […]

Camaro Spy Shots in Europe

KGP Photography recently snapped some photos of a trailer with 2 Camaros, as well as other cars such as a Holden Ute. There are many photos of the Camaros, including interior shots. The are Camouflaged (like they’d ever not be), but you can get the basics of the design and lines if you look closely. […]