Velocity Yellow Camaro

Looks like we’re finally beginning to see a few different options for colors in the 2010 Camaro’s testing. This looks to be the Velocity Yellow, which can also be seen on the new Corvettes. These photos are a bit hazy, but the true Velocity yellow is much more exciting. As a reminder, while most of […]

Black and White Camaros in FL

More photos of the 2010 Camaro have been released. Thanks to the folks over at Camaro5, they had a sharp eye and found these black and white camaros hiding under car covers. This car is about 95% production ready. The unknown includes the trim, headlights, taillights, and smaller details. The main body and panels should […]

Camaro Spy Shots in Europe

KGP Photography recently snapped some photos of a trailer with 2 Camaros, as well as other cars such as a Holden Ute. There are many photos of the Camaros, including interior shots. The are Camouflaged (like they’d ever not be), but you can get the basics of the design and lines if you look closely. […]