98-02 Headlight Gear Free Fix

I did this install using Brent Franker’s install guide found on his website here:

4th Generation Headlight Fix

I cannot thank Mr. Franker enough for the help he’s offered to so many, not to mention the vast amount of money he’s saved so many of us bird owner’s from costly repairs that can be remedied by easy fixes like this one.

The purpose of this article is not to take away from Brent’s page, but to add some pictures to help guide fellow enthusiasts with 1998+ Firebirds/Trans Ams.

In the following picture I’ve removed the 3 screws holding the headlight shroud (black plastic). I manually raised the headlight using the manual raise knob located directly behind the headlight, covered by a rubber grommet.

This next picture shows just under he headlight, near the headlight motor. I believe it’s a 8mm nut holding the raise/lower arm to the motor shaft. Not hard to remove, a little cramped, but no biggy.

As stated in Mr. Franker’s page, the arm tends to rust to the shaft. A little difficult to separate since it’s so cramped, but if you’ve got some WD-40 or equivalent, it should help the process. I wound up just using the handle of my ratchet, and a screwdriver to pry them apart.

Once separated, you can continue on with Brent’s directions of manually rotating the motor. Be sure and line up the arm correctly (pay close attention as to how it bends and is positioned prior to removing.

Install is opposite of removal. Easy fix!

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