Fix Cracked Dash in 4th Gen

How to Fix your Cracked Dashpad to look brand new. Many 4th Generation Camaros and Firebirds have a problem with their dash’s cracking over the years. Heres a way to fix it and make it look new, without buying a whole new piece.

What You’ll Need:

  • Vinyl 2 yds your choice of color
  • Spray Adhesive ($7.99 Permatex Heavy Duty blue and orange can.)
  • Plastic Welder Epoxy ($2.99)
  • 1. You’ll need to fix the broken part of the dash with the plastic welder.
    Camaro-Firebird Fix Cracked Dash

    2. I used cardboard and epoxy to glue the cracks back together, sand the plastic then patch the crack permanently
    the cardboard adds great strength to the already strong glue, not pretty, but this will never be seen anyways.

    3. SPRAY ON adhesive! Follow directions for max strength. Spray both vinyl and dash pad 2 good coats. Let dry for 5-10 mins until tacky, then press on firmly. TAKE YOUR TIME, start in the middle and work you way out getting all the air bubbles out (a hair dryer works great).

    Flip over; trim the edges leaving enough overhang to fold over.

    Now with the overhang, I used a hot glue gun to hold it down.. Works great and dries fast.

    Trim the rest to fit, and finish folding over the flaps.
    brand new dash!!!

    The best part of this vinyl is that its flexible, and will withstand direct sunlight while providing support for the cracked dash underneath.
    Enjoy your sweet “new” dash pad without the cracks!

    You can also use leftover vinyl if you have it, to go over other areas with the same method.

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