How to Change Center Console (Auto)Shifter Light

Common issue as cars get older are the interior lights tend to start burning out. Here’s a quick and easy fix for replacing a dead bulb in your automatic shifter display.

Parts Needed:

  • #74 Bulb (#37 and #73 will also fit)
  • Electrical Tape (to aide in removal of burnt out bulb)
  • 9/32 (7mm) socket wrench/driver
  • Flat-Head Screwdriver

Approx. install time: 15-20 minutes


Before you start taking anything apart, put your key in the slot, turn it so it doesn’t turn the car on, but so that it turns your stereo on and you know that it reacted. In short, turn the key in the ignition to the RUN position. Make sure you pull your emergency brake up, and then switch your shifter into the “1″ position.

Like so:


Now with your shifter in 1st gear, look on the front side of the shifter knob that faces the windshield. You should see a big heavy-ish staple thing. Take a flat head screwdriver and gently pry it out. Put that in a safe place. The shifter should slip right off, and a white plastic thing should be there.

Now, open up your center console, pull your change holder out.

You should see this:


Those two bolts need to come off. Use your 7mm socket or 9/32 socket to remove the bolts and store these somewhere safe.

Pull up with a slight firmness and your center console should lift up. Make sure your car is in “1st” and not in Park.

Top part that you lift off:


And where the bulb was in my car (circled in red):


The wire with the bulb attached in my car had been pushed under the console to be squished between my seat and the console. The BLACK and WHITE wires are they key here. The wires should be protected by a black plastic hose. Pull back on the hosing to so that the bulb is visible for you if necessary. I didn’t have to replace the bulb in mine, but if you have to replace yours, it’s quite simple.

Break off some electrical tape, squish it on both sides of the bulb, and pull, so as not to break the bulb while still in the socket. The bulb sizes that will work are 37, 73, and 74. LEDs that are made to fit this size socket will also plug and play.

After you’ve replaced the bulb, insert it into this hole:


Assembly is reverse of removal. After light is secured into it’s housing, replace console and make it sure it clips in. Tighten bolts in console and replace shifter knob. Secure knob with staple.

Don’t forget to test your light!

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