T-Tops: Lubricating Latch Mechanism

Are your T-Top latches binding, or getting so stiff you feel like they are going to break the next time you go to use them?
Could they use some lubricating, but unsure on how to tear it apart to do so?
Here’s a guide to assist you.

What you’ll need:

  • Flat Head Screw Driver
  • Phillips Head Screw Driver
  • Xtra-life Disc and Drum Brake Wheel Bearing Grease
  • Old Tooth Brush

Estimated time for completion: ~30minutes- 1 hour

Collection of items:

Xtra-life Grease is some pretty gooey stuff:

1. Put lever in Open position:

2. Use flat head to pry C-clip out:

3. Pull lever straight up:

4. Two Phillips-head screws need to be removed (one per side):

5. Pull up on the trim and it will come off and expose the mechanism:

This is the main area where my t-tops were causing a lot of friction so I applied the bearing grease the most here. I put the handle on to open and close it repeatedly to make sure the grease got equally distributed. But make sure to apply it anwhere that these rods make contact with.

6. Then you just reverse the disassembly process and your t-tops will latch and unlatch smoothly.

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