Video: “Bumblebee” Camaro Donut Fail


Track events always have their beginner level drivers out there trying to learn the ropes and get racing experience. However, if you’re going to rep your Camaro and give the crowd a little something to cheer about, maybe you should sort of know the basics of driving. A bright yellow Camaro failing to attempt donuts isn’t hard to overlook. Yes, people make mistakes and feeling the pressure to show off things often go wrong. You’re not alone, buddy.

Everyone knows the famous “Bumblebee” Camaro from the movie Tranformers. The bright yellow muscle car stood out giving car enthusiasts something to drool over, you know, besides Megan Fox.

That particular yellow color became really popular following the movie with many wanting their own black and yellow “Bumbleebee”, no matter the model. The Camaro was reintroduced for the 2010 model year and as soon as it became more and more available, it was like the transforming Bumblebee was pretty much everywhere.

Here’s one of those hardcore fans trying to bust out a little entertainment for the crowd but while trying to do so, he sort of doesn’t come through with it. What’s worse is after he tries many times to get it, the second after he leaves an experienced driver in a Ford GT shows him up with a mean power slide.

Here’s just a little advice for our fellow Chevy driver, though. Give it a little practice and take it back out and try again. Give the people something to cheer about!

Source: [AutoEvolution]

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