Video: Camaro Loses Wheel During Street Race With BMW M3

Street racing is illegal, yes, but does that ever stop people from uploading videos online for everyone else to see? Of course not. Every once in awhile an interesting video comes up involving a back street race. This one ended as fast as it started when one little mishap changes the entire race.

This pretty blue tuned fourth-gen Chevy Camaro is lined up with a supposedly turbocharged E36 BMW M3 which would make for a fun race indeed. However, we didn’t get to see much of the race except that it ended as soon as it started. Right after takeoff one of Camaro wheels flies off of the car and takes a whole ‘nother route elsewhere giving the crowd a show. Check it out.

Luckily for all bystanders and for both drivers that the wheel flew off when it did or the whole thing may not have been so entertaining but possibly pretty tragic. It’s all fun and games until somebody loses a wheel. But seriously, timing played an important factor here and nobody got hurt, just the Camaro drivers ego and possibly his bank account. Hopefully the nice wheel wasn’t too bent out of shape to put back on. Hopefully he at least has a spare or something to throw on at least to get him home before the cops come and figure out what’s going on.

(Heads up on content and volume as you might want to turn the volume down, especially if you’re in a work environment as it’s a little bit NSFW.)

Source: [CarScoop]

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