Fastest Chevrolet Camaro Crashes at Texas Mile Going 220 MPH

An F-Body Chevrolet Camaro known as the “World’s Fastest Camaro”, or what used to be the fastest, with a ridiculous 2,800 horsepower has crashed and burned, literally. Some may have seen it in a previous video with a 224 mph drift.

Thankfully, the driver survived what looks to be a seriously horrific crash. Although, footage hasn’t surfaced anywhere of the crash itself yet, judging from the photo, anyone who was in this car is lucky to be alive and is likely counting some blessings and thanking the safety equipment.

According to spectators and those attending, the Camaro, owned by Kelly Bise, held until the end of the race before it flipped, crashed, and burned. The driver, Joey Huneycutt, was airlifted to the hospital and treated for only minor injuries. Good to hear after seeing a photo which used to be a Chevy Camaro but now sitting as a mangled, burnt pile of metal with the random wheel and turbo thrown around.

We wonder if there was anyone shooting video of the crash because we would love to see it. We are glad that the driver only escaped with minor injuries. That’s a big reason why excellent safety equipment is mandatory for racing such high-performance cars. And thanks to the safety gear, Mr. Honeycutt can race another day. Hopefully they can rebuild another monster and keep on truckin’. With that much power under your foot, anything can happen in the blink of an eye.

Source: [GMAuthority]

Photo Source: [Photobucket]

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