Photos: Sixth-Generation Chevrolet Camaro Sketches

A design contest was held over the summer, 2012 Interactive Design Competition, and a few students from the College of Creative Studies were among those who entered and their design – the sixth-generation Chevrolet Camaro. This doesn’t mean that one of these will be the next Camaro, but the sketches that came from this contest are pretty cool.

The next generation Camaro is due out sometime in 2015 and the anticipation is intense with many bursting with creativity of what they think it will look like. The new Camaro will be planted on GM’s new RWD Alpha platform, the same platform as the Cadillac ATS, and will be proportioned smaller. General Motors has had a successful year with the sales of the Camaro beating the Ford Mustang about half of the time in monthly sales with an intense race of who will win the overall yearly sales and units sold.

Some of the drawings scream third-gen Camaro while others seem to explore more of a futuristic look, much like the menacing Zl1 Camaro submission. One of the images has an overview for owners of these new-gen cars: “The next generation of Camaro Owners are defined by their appreciation for the technical… the distinctly tough American muscularity and image that comes with it.”

One of these could be the next Camaro, or possibly look nothing like any of them. No matter what, the sketches submitted are pretty awesome and maybe General Motors is really thinking of using a student-submitted design.

What do you think of these? Check out the sketch gallery below:

Source: [GM Authority Blog]

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