SEMA: Meet the 1994 Chevy “El Camaro”

At the SEMA show this year one Chevy Camaro caught my attention. It was the only mid-gen Camaro that was of this body style that I had seen, and two, it seemed to be sporting a truck bed. Coming upon it, you could see the sign in the bed, calling it the “El Camaro”, as in a Chevy Camaromade to resemble the El Camino if you didn’t get it the first time.

This certain Camaro came from a wrecked ’94 Z28 Camaro. It started as a 275 hp LT1 engine. The builder, Bernt Karlson, sealed it up with Mr. Gasket Ultra Seal 3 intake gaskets, 1 piece rubber molded oil pan, a Vortex supercharger and 2″ headers connected to a custom Fabricated 302 SS exhaust with Flowmaster mufflers. After all of that work, the power was bumped up to 400 rwhp!

The body underwent surgery and was cut completely in half behind its front doors and then stretched a whole 16.5 inches. Not only was the body stretched but the rear was beefed up and widened 4″ while given a new handmade tail section. The car is painted a Two Stage PPG Candy Apple red and accented with a 24 Karat gold stripe.

This car has an all-steel ground effects kit with a custom steel wing on the back of the bed. The exterior is smooth with shaved door handles and a cowl induction hood made of lightweight carbon fiber.

Some other modifications consist of ACCEL fuel injectors, ceramic booted ignition wires, “C” cut spark plugs, ACCEL Super Coil, Mallory FireStorm ingnition control box and harness.

What do you think of this “El Camaro”?

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