Video: A Very Blinged-Out Chevy Camaro ZL1

So, we like our cars with a lot of muscle and some tasteful modifications, most of us do anyway. However, sometimes people just get ideas in which they consider bright, as bright as what you see here. Somebody in of course Florida, wanted something to serious grab attention while driving down the road. Here was their idea of a sweet ride.

This isn’t just any blinged-out Camaro, it’s a ZL1 Convertible… a ZL1! Go ahead and gasp, it would be lucky to beat a Model T in its current state which of course is a bit of a joke. It is called the King Zl1 and was unveiled earlier this year by 813 Customs. However, don’t hate on 813 Customs. They are paid to build customer cars, despite personal taste. We don’t blame him, even though it isn’t very pleasant to look at.

This gold vinyl-wrapped Camaro ZL1 is sporting matching gold 30″ Forgiato wheels that resemble massive saucers. It sports a 6.2-liter Whipple supercharged V8, although mostly useless now, in a super gold donked-out body. We would expect nothing less than a Best Buy display of audio speakers and monitors which includes three 23″ televisions that pop up while sitting in the backseat giving entertainment along the way.

Also, whoever decided on this Camaro obviously wanted to be seen rollin’ around the streets of the sunshine state, topless. Let’s just hope when they do cruise, that they don’t blind everyone causing accidents along the way. From personal experience, the Florida sun can be pretty brutal.

Source: [813 Customs Facebook]

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