Z/28 Wheels are Media-Blasted; Learn Why

The 2014 Camaro Z/28 has a problem that most cars don’t seem to have, in fact outside of motorsports not many road-based vehicles have this problem. There is so much force between the cars power, brakes, and grip from the tires that the tires would actually rotate around the wheel during aggressive driving.

This is a common issue with super cars, and other motorsports-specific builds but its not often you hear of this problem on a road car, let alone one with room for 4+ passengers.

So to curb this, the bead seats (this is the area of a wheel that the bead of a tire is put into) were media blasted to give them some additional friction that the bead of the tire could grab onto. A simple solution, and a problem that is good to have on a car built to be a weekend warrior at road courses around the world.

Read more and watch the video at GM’s Fastlane

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