One-Off Custom Chevrolet Camaro Concept Spied at 2013 Chicago Auto Show

This crazy Chevrolet Camaro concept seen here sitting at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show bound to turn a few heads. The one-off ZL1-based Camaro, dubbed Turbo Camaro Coupe, has been custom built to represent an upcoming movie, Turbo. Don’t get too excited just yet. With a name like that I’m sure you expect an action-packed, […]

Chevrolet Camaro Wins First Sales Month of 2013

While 2012 was a tough race between the Chevrolet Camaro and the Ford Mustang, the Camaro ultimately came out on top taking overall sales for the whole year. The Dodge Challenger was included in the race but it didn’t quite compete with the other two cars. It seemed like every other month it was dominated […]

Brand New Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Stolen Off NC Showroom

A dealership in North Carolina is one Camaro Zl1 short today. Thieves broke into a Chevrolet dealership in Mooresville and stole the top prize, a Camaro ZL1 worth about $60k. While many other cars sat on the lot, the eye was on the prize for these guys was inside and now people are looking for […]

Photos: Sixth-Generation Chevrolet Camaro Sketches

A design contest was held over the summer, 2012 Interactive Design Competition, and a few students from the College of Creative Studies were among those who entered and their design – the sixth-generation Chevrolet Camaro. This doesn’t mean that one of these will be the next Camaro, but the sketches that came from this contest […]

Camaro may be jumping on turbo bandwagon in near future

The all-new sixth-generation and completely revamped Chevrolet Camaro will be unveiled in 2016 sometime moving from GM’s current Zeta platform to the brandl new Alpha platform. The new Camaro body will likely be way lighter, smaller and more aerodynamic. According to the source, driving it will be even more of a blast.