Aftermarket Headlight Options

Since we all know that stock f-body lights aren’t the greatest, the majority of us turn to aftermarket lights to help us at night. The goal of aftermarket lighting is to achieve more visibility, and up close to a wall should resemble this: NOT THIS:

How To: Clean Hood Inserts on 93-97 Firebirds

So as any Firebird owner knows, the little hood things on the LT1 style Firebirds collect dirt that does not come out until you wash your car or put the hood up after a rain storm. And then it comes out all over your hood. You’ll see what I mean at the last picture if […]

How To: Wrapping Door Panel Inserts (Camaro)

So we all have looked at cloth interior when its aged. not pretty. so i decided to wrap mine in black vinyl to fresh up the interior. Step 1: Pull off the panel and look behind it, cut the top half of the insulation off to reveal the plastic rivets. (your choice to put it […]

3800 Engine Replacement Bottom Drop

I dropped down the front K-Frame of my 97 Camaro RS to replace the 3.8 V6 motor. This job is not for an amateur, I have 7 years experience wrenching and still found some parts of this swap challenging. I have included some pictures for certain things. Before starting this job. Spray up all bolts […]

Polish your MAF sensor housing

Another project I finished over the weekend was sanding down and polishing the MAF sensor housing. The two pieces of metal that sandwich the MAF itself. This takes time and patience, and it wont be a fast process. This is basically for anyone wanting to add a little bit of polished metal under the hood. […]

Tinting your T-Tops

Are you sick of driving your T-Top equipped F-body on bright days because the of the unbearable sunlight shooting through your T-Tops? Want to make your clear, bright glass tops match your tinted windows? Well this should help you out! For as little as 13 dollars and a few common household materials, you can throw […]