Headers 101

Buck for buck, no other modification can match the efficiency than that of headers. Aftermarket headers are designed for maximum airflow and power. As you know, there are manifolds already bolted to the heads from the factory. They are very restrictive due to strict pollution control laws. Cat-back exhaust systems effortlessly compliment headers. When teamed […]

Ring and Pinion Install

Here’s a write up of my 4.10 ring and pinion gear, and gov. locker install After a little bit of reading it seems that most people tend to leave installing a ring and pinion gear to the professionals. If you can afford it then this is probably the best way to go. But it’s not […]

98-02 Headlight Gear Free Fix

I did this install using Brent Franker’s install guide found on his website here: 4th Generation Headlight Fix I cannot thank Mr. Franker enough for the help he’s offered to so many, not to mention the vast amount of money he’s saved so many of us bird owner’s from costly repairs that can be remedied […]

Tutorial: How to Wet Sand

Wet sanding is a method of sanding that can be used to make rough surfaces have a smooth mirror-like shine. In this case it is paint on your car. This method can be used if you’ve recently repaired damage to your paint, put clear coat on or simply want to remove that ugly factory orange […]

How To: Replace Transmission Mount in 93-02 (V6)

How to: Change a 4th Gen F-Body Transmission Mount (V6) Why Do This?: If you’ve noticed any abnormal shaking, vibration, thumping, or even grinding coming from your console area (especially suddenly) whether you have a manual or automatic there’s a good chance it is being caused by a bad transmission mount. Replacing an old mount […]

93-02 Power Antenna Override

A few years ago I read that you can add a switch to the power antenna circuit to control whether or not the antenna goes up and down when the factory stereo is turned on. I was working on my aftermarket power antenna because the mount was loose and figured that particular day would be […]

Recovering Headliner: T-Top

If your car’s headliner has been hanging down, like mine, it’s time to replace it. Total cost was $23 for the headliner at JoAnn’s Fabrics and $17 for an 18oz can of the adhesive. One can will do a hardtop car and a T-top car or 3 T-top cars. What you’ll need: Headliner Material (4.5ft) […]

T-Tops: Lubricating Latch Mechanism

Are your T-Top latches binding, or getting so stiff you feel like they are going to break the next time you go to use them? Could they use some lubricating, but unsure on how to tear it apart to do so? Here’s a guide to assist you. What you’ll need: Flat Head Screw Driver Phillips […]

How to Replace PCV Valve in 3800

The purpose of the PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) Valve is to re-route unburnt fuel fumes back into the combustion chamber. Some of the symptoms of a nearly clogged PCV include a rough idling engine, loss of power, oil burning, an oily air filter, decreased mpg, or blown seals.

Big Three Upgrade

What Are The Big Three, and How Do I Upgrade Them? Well your Big Three are the Positive Alternator Cable,(the one that bolts to the rear of the alt.) the Ground on the Block, and the Ground on the pass side Fender. Now from the factory these wires are at the most a 4 gauge. […]