Jackass: The LS9 Powered 1969 Camaro

These are the types of guys all of us grease monkeys really enjoy reading about. “Jackass” is built by Mark Stielow, a GM engineer. This car has the soul of a 1969 Camaro, with the brains and brawn of a 2009 Corvette ZR1. Stielow took a 1969 Camaro, added a LS9 (6.0L Supercharged), 6 piston carbon-ceramic brakes from the ZR1 wrapped in the ZR1’s wheels. The Transmission is a Tremec T56 6-Speed from a Dodge Viper.

In an interview with Inside Line when he was asked about the cost of Jackass, Stielow stated “Well, I can tell you it’s cheaper to just buy a ZR1,”. It took Mark over 20 months to build the car, because this is a one-off project and required quite a bit of custom fabrication. Some of these parts wont even be given to you unless you own a ZR1 and have the VIN to prove it.

“Well, I can tell you it’s cheaper to just buy a ZR1,” -Mark Stielow

We love this project, especially the pale daytona yellow paint that disguises the beast that is sitting under its hood. While this project may be a bit out of reach for most gearheads, it’s always nice to admire some fantasy projects.

[Source: Inside Line]

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