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Camaro Y87
Pewter Metallic
I always wanted a camaro, and in May 2008 I noticed this one for sale at a used car dealership for $5,000 and when i test drove this car, i knew it was mine. When i got it, It already had over 101,000 mies on it, bad O2 sensors, bad rear hatch supports, blown rear seat and hatch speakers, and a bad mass air flow sensor, but on the brighter side it came with the Y87 performance package and in the color pewter metallic (champagne, the dealership called it), which turned out to be in great condition, aside from a big patch of chipped paint on the front bumper and several tiny scratches all over. It also was missing the factory labels including the service part (RPO code) label, factory radio, the factory tweeter speakers in the doors, and the amp (originally located in the right rear quarter panel) when i first got it. It is currently being used as my daily driven project car, once finished it will be a daily driver show car. Even though it's a V6, which several people dislike, i will never sell this car no matter what.
2000 Chevrolet Camaro Y87 (Pewter Metallic)



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