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My Dad bought this car new in 78, it was built in California and was stuck on a train in the desert for a few months due to a railroad union workers strike and finally arrived here in Minnesota on a snowy day in January. The car is all stock and mostly original with 64k miles. It’s a 350 4 speed car with a Hurst shifter and black leather interior. The rubber on the harmonic dampener dry-rotted a few years ago causing it rub on the timing chain cover so they were both replaced. The car has had a new headliner (original came unglued) put in along with a driver’s side arm rest. It also had a new master cylinder and power steering pressure hose installed but other than everything else is original. It’s had tires and a tune up and filters and stuff too. It’s not super fast but it’s a ton of fun to drive, it rides great and handles pretty well for such a big car. It came with what they called a test pipe in the trunk, the test pipe is a straight pipe to put in place of the cat and with the test pipe the exhaust sounds awesome. It’s got a few door dings in it but other than that it’s like new. These pics were its first time out of the garage in a couple years.
1979 Chevrolet Camaro (Black)



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