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Camaro 30th Anivers RS series II 3800 k
Artic White
Vehicle was a special order was on my way home from work one day 9 years ago was passing by the local Chevy dealer when I spotted it siting out in front of the lot about 4days went by everyday it had caught my eye like was calling out to me the fourth day I drove right on by got a few blocks away did a freakin u turn and went right back to it got out my Chevy z24 and fell in love with it had 23000 they wanted 1800 but they let me out with for 1600 boy was I up shit creek when I got home that morning the wife fliped her koo koo I could see the steam rising. But she looked at me all I could hear was take it
Back your taking it right back I got out looked at her like hell I am get over it man she didn't speak to me for 6 months. She hate the car to this day so there you go
1997 Chevrolet Camaro 30th Anivers RS series II 3800 k (Artic White)



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