One-Off Custom Chevrolet Camaro Concept Spied at 2013 Chicago Auto Show

This crazy Chevrolet Camaro concept seen here sitting at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show bound to turn a few heads. The one-off ZL1-based Camaro, dubbed Turbo Camaro Coupe, has been custom built to represent an upcoming movie, Turbo. Don’t get too excited just yet. With a name like that I’m sure you expect an action-packed, […]

Camaro may be jumping on turbo bandwagon in near future

The all-new sixth-generation and completely revamped Chevrolet Camaro will be unveiled in 2016 sometime moving from GM’s current Zeta platform to the brandl new Alpha platform. The new Camaro body will likely be way lighter, smaller and more aerodynamic. According to the source, driving it will be even more of a blast.

Video: Camaro Loses Wheel During Street Race With BMW M3

Street racing is illegal, yes, but does that ever stop people from uploading videos online for everyone else to see? Of course not. Every once in awhile an interesting video comes up involving a back street race. This one ended as fast as it started when one little mishap changes the entire race. This pretty […]

SEMA: Meet the 1994 Chevy “El Camaro”

At the SEMA show this year one Chevy Camaro caught my attention. It was the only mid-gen Camaro that was of this body style that I had seen, and two, it seemed to be sporting a truck bed. Coming upon it, you could see the sign in the bed, calling it the “El Camaro”, as […]

Big Three Upgrade

What Are The Big Three, and How Do I Upgrade Them? Well your Big Three are the Positive Alternator Cable,(the one that bolts to the rear of the alt.) the Ground on the Block, and the Ground on the pass side Fender. Now from the factory these wires are at the most a 4 gauge. […]