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  1. 1st Gen & 2nd Gen (1967-81) Tech
    so my 1978 farebird's power windows are shot... it sucks. especially on hot days. do any of you know where i could find some new power window motors? what other car models had the same type of motor that i could use?
  2. Introductions
    Hey my name is Tony and, well, i figured i should join an online forum because i figured that this would be the best place to get some answers if i had any questions. I'll start it off with this one: Okay, i just bought my 1978 trans am and the wiring is non existant. the owner before me...
  3. 1st Gen & 2nd Gen (1967-81) Tech
    I recently bought a 455/700r-4 out of a buick that i'm planning on putting into my 78 camaro. Are there any engine swap kits on the market? I'd rather not have to look for a 455 firebird to take the mounts out of. thnx
1-3 of 3 Results