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  1. 4th Gen (1993-97) Camaro and Firebird Tech
    So I discovered that I cant control the AC flaps to direct air to the dash vents and so on, air just defaults to feet and defroster. After some research I think I found the problem. I checked the vac check valve with the 3 hoses meet up and one of the hoses got cut at some point and I can't...
  2. 4th Gen (1993-97) Camaro and Firebird Tech
    Hey everyone, I've been using these forums for a while, haven't needed to post yet because another thread has always had the info I need, so thanks for that! :) but the current project is killin me, my ac compressor bearings are shot, the ac has never worked so I figured I'll just pull it and...
  3. 4th Gen (1993-97) Camaro and Firebird Tech
    Does anyone know where i can find a Air Conditioning Diagram for the electrical part? i need to know if either of the high or low pressure sensors are directed back to the air condition compressor relay under my relay panel under my hood to the switch inside my car. if i hard wire my compressor...
  4. 4th Gen (1998-02) Camaro and Firebird Tech
    so my car makes a noise and i want it gone. iv been told by lots of people and a mechanic that its my A/C Tensioner so i have some questions 1. should i just replace the tensioner and if so how hard is it to do myself and could some one point me in the direction of where to buy one and about...
  5. 4th Gen (1993-97) Camaro and Firebird Tech
    So my a/c hasn't been working lately and I took it in to get recharged, turns out it is the compressor. The dealer wants $1335 to replace.:18:... Do you guys know of anywhere or recommend certain compressors to replace the old one with? Thank You
  6. General Camaro & Firebird Tech
    So my A/C isn't blowing very cold, I bought a can of R134A and charged it to the correct pressure (actually a little too high, whoops) but not very high, and it's still warm. I realized that the compressor will kick on and it will blow cold but then about 2 secconds later the compressor kicks...
1-6 of 6 Results