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  1. Pictures and Videos
    Went to the mall this past weekend for a bit. Pulled in, saw the Challenger, and attempted to whip it in similar to how he parked. I think I pulled it off pretty close :lol: Didn't have my camera, and it was ridiculously sunny. Luckily my phone pulled through. I adjusted the brightness levels...
  2. Camaro & Firebird News
    Exclusive: First Photo Of Detroit's New Muscle Car Threesome! The Camaro is a prototype model as you can see from the different headlight setup. Still a nice comparison of the 3.
  3. General Discussion
    The Chrysler employees who entered the prototype Dodge Challenger in this year's One Lap of America may have taken the car's Vanishing Point theme a bit too seriously. Just like in the classic film, the stark white Challenger came face to face with a solid object. The car met its demise in Round...
1-3 of 3 Results