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  1. 4th Gen (1998-02) Camaro and Firebird Tech
    Hey. I recently bought a convertible 3.8 V6 2000 Camaro. It is an automatic. It has a limited slip differential rear end with 3.42 gears. I was also told it had the Z28 suspension. I was told it was bought from the factory this way. I'm not for sure. Anyways, I have been looking and think I want...
  2. V6 Camaro and Firebird Tech
    I recently heard that I could swap out my Camaro's stock V6 engine with the V8 Vortec engine of a Silverado, instead of repairing the blown head gasket on the Camaro. Is this true? And if so, is it doable for someone inexperienced like myself?
  3. 4th Gen (1993-97) Camaro and Firebird Tech
    OK so as far as I've been told the engine comes out of the bottom of the car right? If so is there any trick to removing it without taking anything off the car (except for the engine) without a car lift? The problem put more accurately is getting it in. If it makes a difference it is the 3.4L...
  4. 4th Gen (1993-97) Camaro and Firebird Tech
    I've made a thread kind of like this but this is more specific. I crashed my 1995 Camaro. It was just a normal Camaro with a 3.4L V6 in it. I am getting a new body and all I can get is a 1995 Z28 that at once contained a 5.7L V8 and an automatic transmission. I am going to take my engine and...
  5. 4th Gen (1998-02) Camaro and Firebird Tech
    NEW TO THE FORUM The motor in my 2002 Trans AM NHRA Edition fell apart in the bottom end with only 83,000 miles. I need my car back up and going asap. I have found someone selling a ls1 from a 1999 Corvette and a transmission from a 2002 camaro. For a very good price. Question 1) But my...
  6. 4th Gen (1993-97) Camaro and Firebird Tech
    I want to buy a v6 firebird and swap the engine with an old carburated 350. Has anyone done this before and know if it will work, im not sure if it would fit or not?
  7. V6 Camaro and Firebird Tech
    Hey, my names Nate and new to this site and somewhat Firebirds... I have a V6 3.4 96' firebird(base) and can get a 98' formula 1 engine swap, just wondering if my engine mounts will fit that engine??
  8. 3rd Gen (1982-92) Camaro and Firebird Tech
    I currently have 1986 firebird with a 2.8L V6 with an auto trans. and I want to swap it out for a 350 V8 and a 350 turbo tranny. Is this possible without lots of mods. IE. Shifter linkages engine mounts, etc.
  9. General Camaro & Firebird Tech
    So I've had my pretty little red birdy for about 8 months now, have enjoyed every bit of it. Even if it is a v6 it seemed peppy enough for me. Something thats been burnin' my ass thought is a red Trans Am at a local dealership(Almost identical to mine). Decided to go up there and do my best to...
1-9 of 9 Results