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  1. Pictures and Videos
    A friend of mine is doing a 5.3L LM7 swap into his Fox body Mustang. You may have seen a picture of this motor floating around online... Anyways, just look at the pics... It's a GT500 blower, bolted to an adapter box, bolted to an Edelbrock Victor Jr. LS1 intake, on top...
  2. General Discussion
    So there's this guy in my class at my tech school, and he's just ridiculous. He owns a Mustang V6... I think it's like a 96? So it's like what... 150HP? Well, that's besides the fact, it's just that he drives like an *******, hotrodding it everywhere he drives and when he leaves after class...
  3. Sup

    Sup folks? Names Will, I, uh, Seemed to have made my way onto most of the Fbody forums that I can be on plus more. I'm not so new to f-bodies, I own two. One drives the other doesn't. But that cool with me because in a few months the two will become one. First up: -1995 Chevrolet Camaro Mystic...
1-3 of 3 Results