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  1. Members Camaros and Firebirds
    This is my 1984 Camaro SC, this car came off the line with pretty much no options and a V6. I bought this car when I was in HS around 92 if I remember correctly. I drove this car daily to work for years, until the V6 finally gave out. I decided to go ahead and restore it, but make it...
  2. 5th Gen (2010+) Camaro Tech
    I bought an led rear bowtie, spliced it in like it said-brown/white=parking light green/white= brake light black=ground its supposed to be always on with my parking lights but instead comes on as a right turn signal (spliced into the right tail light) and a brake light does anyone know how i...
  3. Appearance and Car Care
    Should I build a set of tail lights like this? New ideas are appreciated. Throw me some ideas and I'll try to photoshop it. Blacked out when they are off Dimly lit when the car is running Illuminated for brake/turn/hazards Or this? Or something like this? Or maybe this?
  4. Pictures and Videos
    well, heres the bird two days after i bought her. nice and clean right out of the wash i'm pretty sure. heres with the top up and here the interior. all stock. here are a few shots I took the other day, it was really foggy for some reason, we never get fog here in vegas, well not in...
  5. Appearance and Car Care
    ive always kinda been against ricer crap and neons on sports cars but my car had red neons when i got, but it blows fuses, i think it needs a new transformer or something. but anyways, when i had them working they actually looked pretty cool, you guys think i should fix them or not mess with...
1-5 of 5 Results