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  1. 4th Gen (1998-02) Camaro and Firebird Tech
    Hi there I recently sold my 97 camaro and after 4 months of bus riding and moms truck i guess its time for another f-body. I found a decent 02 firebird with one owner for 2500$ with a damaged still functional taillight. Im checking it out tomorrow and im wondering what do i look for? Like engine...
  2. 4th Gen (1993-97) Camaro and Firebird Tech
    I have a 1997 Trans Am, and just a while ago I tried opening my door and my door handle got stuck in the up position. Not thinking I just gave it a little bump to get it back down and I hear something break on the inside. I have a feeling a little bracket broke on the inside. I don't have time...
  3. Introductions
    Hey everyone, glad to be here finally. My name is Jacob & I currently own a 1997 Pontiac Trans Am. I'm deeply in love with my car. I've owned 2 LT cars and my first was a 1995 Formula Firebird. I don't really enjoy working on these cars because they are a P.I.T.A. but when working properly they...
  4. Vehicle Classifieds
    1995 Pontiac Trans Am. Metallic Teal. T-Tops. Tints on all 3 windows, also the eyebrow is tinted on the windshield. Tinted corner lights on front and back. Sony headunit, car is also ran for subs. 350 LT1, 104xxx on motor, 15xxx on trans with shift kit, 90xxx on rear end (axel and differential)...
  5. Introductions
    hi! im josh and this is my first forum/account. im kinda new to this whole thing but i figured i should try it out and learn a few things. I have a couple questions about my 1995 firebird 3.4l v6. I bought it about 6 months ago and have had to put about a grand into it but now shes running...
  6. Pictures and Videos
    Here are a couple of desktop wallpapers I designed. Hope you enjoy.
  7. 3rd Gen (1982-92) Camaro and Firebird Tech
    Hi-- I have a 1990 Firebird Formula which I think might have a seized engine. I rescued him from a man who's brother didn't take very good care of him. He's in bad shape - but his engine was always good, so I do not know why it would have stopped working. About 2 months ago, I discovered he...
  8. 1st Gen & 2nd Gen (1967-81) Tech
    Where can I get a nice Pontiac 400 engine for a good price?
  9. V6 Camaro and Firebird Tech
    Hey, my names Nate and new to this site and somewhat Firebirds... I have a V6 3.4 96' firebird(base) and can get a 98' formula 1 engine swap, just wondering if my engine mounts will fit that engine??
  10. 4th Gen (1993-97) Camaro and Firebird Tech
    I just bought a 1995 Trans am M6. I was checking the dip stick and took a sniff. It smelled like gasoline.:18: Is this bad?...I know it can't be good but are we talking replace...rebuild engine bad?:dunno: I was going to give it some new plugs and wires,air filter,and oil change because its...
  11. General Discussion
    Hey I was just wondering if there was a Roll bar set up for a 97 trans am convertible that wouldnt completely waste the interior and still have the desired look and effect. I was hoping for just a four point cage from the front seat head rest back and still be able to have rear seats? Ive been...
1-12 of 12 Results