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  1. General Discussion
    :ddtrophy:Looking for 1967 Z28 Camaro VIN#124377N195134 This is well known Pacific Northwest Racing Camaro. Original owner Lauire Craig is trying to find status of his old car. 1st Z28 ordered in Canada. Historical information and documentation available. [email protected] (907) 623-0973
  2. Drag Racing
    one of my buddies just got a 86 mustang gt and he wants to race at the track some time this summer what do yall think the out come will be. the mustang is compleatly stock except for oversized valves in the heads and a cam the motor is a 302 transmition is a t5 stock gears vs my 87 camaro iroc...
  3. V6 Camaro and Firebird Tech
    I am starting a twin turbo 3.4 project this summer and I was wondering if anyone has ever tried this and if you have how did you set it up. Pics would be much appriciated.
  4. General Discussion
    i love me a nice import.350z,r34,g35,supra,240sx,and yes SOME civics.but i hate me some ricer ricer im talking big wing,unpainted white body kit on a fire red saturn,no catback just a loud greddy tip and no muffler,RICER. with that said,five minutes of driving down the New York...
  5. General Discussion
    By something like this: So I'm cruising along the interstate late at night last month at about 70MPH (in a 70 zone), and I pass this stock and beat up looking/sounding 1st gen Eclipse going 65MPH and don't think anything of it. About 30 seconds later he catches up and matches my speed. I look...
  6. General Discussion
    Was cruising along in the slow lane last night to the Friday night meet that 6LE and Sommer86 usually go to, when it starts drizzling. That's OK because the NT05 rear tires that I have are pretty good in the rain. So this import with HIDs (all I could tell) comes flying up behind me, tailgates...
  7. General Discussion
    This 08 GT failed against a Trans Am. The reason it is so epic is because of what the Mustang driver says at the end. It's funny because it's true!!! ooohh. :rock:
  8. General Discussion
    Well my dad forgot his truck was over in another town and I was needing to get my T/A ran through some fuel before I put new fuel in it so we took it down to fetch his truck. As were were leaving town what would come alongside me but a V-Rod, he had pipes on it and a few other things maybe, I...
1-8 of 8 Results