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  1. V6 Camaro and Firebird Tech
    I have a 93 Camaro and i want a posi rear end, and i plan on doing a v8 swap down the road but my question is can i take the rear end of a 93 z28 and put it in my v6 or no, and if no why, and where can i get posi for my 93 v6
  2. Parts/Misc. Classifieds
    Has 2.73 Gears, Posi-Rear, picture is of the actual differential with the cover off. It is in excellent condition, the differential fluid was clean without metal flakes. It came out of a 1997 Pontiac Trans Am with approx. 70,000kms. Rear end comes with Axle, Axle Shafts, 10-bolt carrier...
  3. 4th Gen (1993-97) Camaro and Firebird Tech
    im running 245,50,16's all around on my stock height 93 formula i was wondering what sizes would fit in the rear i want to keep the same rims but want a little taller and a lot wider without it looking stupid outside the fender any help would be appreciated
  4. Appearance and Car Care
    Does anyone know where I can find new rear Bird decals that have worn-out on my 2000 Firebird?