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  1. General Discussion
    Trade your camaro, trans am, firebird, for my Honda any brave men or women willing,am not
  2. General Discussion
    i love me a nice import.350z,r34,g35,supra,240sx,and yes SOME civics.but i hate me some ricer ricer im talking big wing,unpainted white body kit on a fire red saturn,no catback just a loud greddy tip and no muffler,RICER. with that said,five minutes of driving down the New York...
  3. General Discussion
    Today I leave campus to meet my girlfriend for lunch. I'm taking the main road out of campus, and I see the light is green. I have 2 options here; 1. Gun it and hope it doesn't change by the time I get there, or 2. Slow it down as more than likely it'll change anyway. I decide to just coast it...
  4. General Discussion
    No one ever wants to play... but finally... i got a challenge. So this is how it went down... Alright, so it was dad's birthday and I went home for the evening for dinner and cake. Was on my way back to my dorm, and I'm just cruising, no biggy, and I'm at a stoplight just chilling. Light turns...
1-4 of 4 Results