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  1. 4th Gen (1993-97) Camaro and Firebird Tech
    I made sure all the wires were connected and everything, then i started it up. The car ran perfectly for about 30seconds, then started to sputter a little, then just got terrible and now it wont even turn on. It will crank over and sometimes even start, but when it does it runs very very...
  2. 4th Gen (1993-97) Camaro and Firebird Tech
    Hope you guys can help, I don't wanna get into my problems, but my car is a daily driver and I really need to get it running.. It's a 94 Formula automatic. I was going to work last week, got in the car, turned the key and nothing. I have Ignition lights, The fuel pump is coming on and has good...
1-2 of 2 Results