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  1. Appearance and Car Care
    I'm looking to make my '97 a tad cooler with the addition of some stripes. Now, it has the RS package so there's that rear spoiler lip that sits on top of the actual spoiler. What I'm looking at is something like this: 1993-97 Camaro, RS & Z28 Decal and Stripe Kit How would you apply the...
  2. Photoshop and Editing
    Can anyone mock up some stripes for my car? I was planning on Silver, 8 inch ones. Just the straight ones. I was planning on having the edge of the stripes on the edge of the grille. If you need the pic
  3. Appearance and Car Care
    I tried searching for this and I didn't find what I was looking for so don't jump on me if this has already been posted! I recently bought a 2000 firebird (v6) and I was thinking about adding stipes and (no offense, but) I don't like those skinny stripes that taper on the hood. I was thinking...
1-3 of 3 Results