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sun shades
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  1. Appearance and Car Care
    I put the wireless weather station in the car overnight. Sitting on top of the arm rest. This was car with T-Top and the dot matrix tint glass panels and no shades inserted. Windows up and are tinted. Temperature peaked at 110 at 4:30 when the outside temp was only 70. 2 of the most popular and...
  2. Parts/Misc. Classifieds
    hey all... i have a '00 camaro with charcoal interior... it came with TAN sunshades.... it's a minor annoyance at best, but, none the less, it does annoy me. the irony is, i had a Pewter '02 Formula, with charcoal interior, and when i got rid of it, i kept the sunshades and trunk divider...
1-2 of 2 Results