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  1. 4th Gen (1993-97) Camaro and Firebird Tech
    I will be getting a 1995 Camaro Z28 soon with T-Tops and I was just curious how to remove the tops and put them back into place. A link to a page that already exists would be nice especially if it has pictures. Thanks.
  2. 4th Gen (1993-97) Camaro and Firebird Tech
    my cloth interior is actually in really good shape except for two places on opposite ends of the t-tops. the cloth has peeled away a bit and ripped and you can see the orange foam underneath. i was wondering what the most effective and longest lasting fix for this would be
  3. General Camaro & Firebird Tech
    Well I wasn't gonna post this, but a couple of friends persuaded me to. Maybe I can help some people out. :icon15: Are you sick of driving your T-Top equipped F-body on bright days because the of the unbearable sunlight shooting through your T-Tops? Want to make your clear, bright glass tops...
  4. Vehicle Classifieds
    Sold! Sold!
  5. 3rd Gen (1982-92) Camaro and Firebird Tech
    I have a 89 T-top bird, the t-tops are in extremely poor condition. The window seals are good they seal good but the tops are cracked and fracturing, you can actually hear the peices of material grinding together when you drive. I have been looking for replacements and bought some last year...