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  1. Members Camaros and Firebirds
    I thought I'd make a video thread of a 3rd Gen. since this is the spot for member's Camaro's/Firebird's. If you got a video or videos, post the links guy's. Let's see what you got in your rides! Thanks for watching too!:biggrin: 1st video is of me manually shifting to 60mph. 2nd video is me...
  2. Pictures and Videos
    just thought id share a video my buddies and i made one night. yea we are a bunch of idiots but like i said, it was just fun. if you watch it make sure you watch it all. the twist is at the end! Drunk Boyz - YouTube ps. im the one in the broncos jersey who loses the poker game
  3. Pictures and Videos
    What's your favorite F-body compilation video? One of mine is YouTube - ‪Video IV: "High Octane" (F-Body Wildest Videos)‬‏ I like the "action" kind of look to it, and especially the guy with the green Camaro that takes off from the cops after being pulled
  4. Pictures and Videos
    warning music is explicit and is crappy youtube blocked my last song quick fix Tell me what you think good and bad. YouTube - Dobbs 98 Firebird PBB Project Black Bird ^^^ my new firebird call it project black bird i guess its the worst around here for now i have alot of plans lol ^^^ YouTube...
  5. General Discussion
    One of my favorite bits of all time. Mr. King has since died and yes.. he was survived by his wife. YouTube - Alan King - Survived By His Wife
  6. Pictures and Videos
    Then this video is for you. :lol: Burnout compilation. Thankfully I had a friend that hooked me up with used tires a while back. Sadly...this option is no longer available. :mad: Anyways... If you don't like watching a shit ton of smoke...then this isn't for you. No racing...just tire...
  7. Camaro & Firebird News
    video from Camaro5 More than 6 minutes of Camaro on roads and track. VID: Listen to how the car sounds at about 1 minute. :rock:
  8. Camaro & Firebird News
    Heres a video to go along with the pictures of the Testing at the Nurburgring. Sounds pretty good. Exclusive Spy Video and Photos: 2010 Chevrolet Camaro
  9. Camaro & Firebird News
    Filed under: Spy Photos, Coupes, Videos, Chevrolet click the picture above to see the video The Ponycar Industrial Complex has been in full reconaissance mode and scanning the universe for Camaros, and agents have located a Camaro SS on a winding mountain road. It's deliciously ironic that the...
1-9 of 9 Results