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  1. Appearance and Car Care
    I have a 2000 camaro and want to get white leather seating. does anyone know where i can these? and what kinda of prices am i looking at for them
  2. General Discussion
    so two weeks ago i had a 1998 lincoln mark viii , with a dual over-head cam cobra engine, i had JLT performance cold air intake, SCT performance chip, true dual magnaflow exhaust with a x-pipe and the cats cut out, 4.10 gears, new paint and tint. i spent all my grad money on this beast i named...
  3. General Discussion
    The Chrysler employees who entered the prototype Dodge Challenger in this year's One Lap of America may have taken the car's Vanishing Point theme a bit too seriously. Just like in the classic film, the stark white Challenger came face to face with a solid object. The car met its demise in Round...
1-3 of 3 Results