Fbody Hood Release Cable Relocation

While working on the SS I decided I’d at least get around to relocating the hood release cable since there is no drilling or need to remove the splash shield on the drivers side. I already had my headlight out and definitely gives you more room to work but it’s not necessary to remove it.

Tools you need:

  • Long handled flat-head screwdriver
  • Pliers

Approx  completion time:

  • 5-10 minutes.

First thing you’re going to do is simply open your hood.

Reach down where the hood release cable is attached to the brackets underneath. To get the end of the cable off the bracket you’ll need to pull the release over to the right and the end of the cable will slip off from the bottom.

Next you will use the pliers or you can probably just use your fingers to pinch the wings on the plastic clip that holds the cable through the bracket. Then just push the cable through the hole towards the drivers side.

Then start pulling the cable out through the front of the car and keep a mental note of how it’s ran or you can try to run it a different way if you want to try to conceal it even more.

You’ll have to remove the cable from the clip on the Strut Tower and just ditch the clip or save it in your toolbox in case you want to use it for something else.

Once the cable is loose and free all the way to the firewall. You’ll notice under the drivers side hood hinge that there is a small gap. This is where you’ll put your cable through. This gap is directly above the splash shield.

Take your long handle screwdriver and gently pry the gap open a little more so you can fit the cable through it. Use a towel or cloth so you don’t damage the metal. Once it’s big enough, fish the cable through and over the splash shield towards the front of the car. BE CAREFUL NOT TO KINK the cable.

You’ll see the cable come out the front of the fender and then once the cable is pulled all the way through the gap, fish the cable back through the front of the car and install the cable just as you took it off.
You’re done.

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