How To: Clean Hood Inserts on 93-97 Firebirds

So as any Firebird owner knows, the little hood things on the LT1 style Firebirds collect dirt that does not come out until you wash your car or put the hood up after a rain storm. And then it comes out all over your hood. You’ll see what I mean at the last picture if you don’t already.

The hood is my wrecked one, but it works on a good one just as well
Time: 10 minutes + cleaning time (could be a long time)
Tools: 16mm socket, 7mm socket, drill with 1/4″ bit. Vomit receptacle (just in case)
Ease: Kindergardner could do it if he could reach.

Start with these three nuts on the underside of the hood. They are supposed to be one-time on deals, and they cut they’re own threads into the plastic, so don’t worry about threading them back on with any care. 16mm

So now you have the whole assembly out of the hood:

Now you need to take the black thing out. its pretty simple, there’s 2 screws that hold it in. 7mm.

You’ll also notice that GM was nice enough to put a drain hole in there so that water and dirt will drain out. They conveniently did NOT place this at the lowest part of the insert where ALL of the water will drain out and it is not large enough for dirt to drain out. This is what the drill is for. After you have the thing taken apart, drill a drain hole in it in the bottom inner corner. (Second drain hole not pictured, use your imagination)

Grab your vomit receptacle, cuz the next part is gross. In the other one there was smelly algae growing in addition to the dirt.

Clean this out, drill your hole and you’re good to put it back together.

You could also use a coping saw to cut a big slot all the way across the bottom so that it all just pours out.

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